The Spirit of Norway

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Reindeer race in Tromsø, a part of Sami Week in february 

Photos: Yngve Olsen Sæbbe


gotta represent even though i’m just watching the olympics from my tv
Norway John by norwayjohn on Flickr.
Norway 2011 by Ron Albers on Flickr.
Tromso, Artic cathedral by Moyan_Brenn on Flickr.
Tromso at midday by Richard H Martin on Flickr.
Tromsø squared by Kim G. Skytte on Flickr.
Red cabin by Hyllvatnet by ArveBerntzen on Flickr.
Geitrams,  Epilobium angustifolium by bjarne.stokke on Flickr.
And-3648 by bjarne.stokke on Flickr.