The Spirit of Norway

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summer and winter


Photography project entitled Eyes as Big as Plates (Norway and Finland) by © Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen.


'Ghostly Glow' by Nordfjall // [Facebook] [Society6]

Three years ago today Norway suffered from a terrorist attack on Utøya. It’s hard to believe it’s already been three years, but it has.
I just wanted to thank my country for not responding with hate and threats, but with flowers and shared love. I’m proud of Norway, and my thoughts and prayers go to all the people who got killed on that day or lost someone close to them.
"We are so few in this country, every fallen is a brother or a friend" 
- Nordahl Grieg
…og størst av alt er kjærligheten.


Aurora and Milky Way near Tromsø, Norway by Wayne Pinkston

(via thunorsdottir)


Hi everyone, my name is Fernanda and am 18 years young from Mexico.

This summer I’ll be starting university, I’ll be studying International Relations. I really enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing about the mexican culture. I’m really interested on historical events. I currently speak Spanish (as my native language), English (as my second language), a little bit of French, and a very vague German, I’ll be obviously learning as much as languages as I can since that will help me as an internationalist but of the ones I speak right now, German is my favorite so far.

I’m a huge football fanatic but I also like to listen to music, arctic monkeys is my favorite band, and watching films.

Don’t hesistate on talking to me, I don’t bite (hehe)

Fernanda x


Oslo Botanical Garden, Norway (by Faisal!)


Scandinavian folklore (special focus on Norway)

Nøkken, Valemon, and Draugen by Theodor Kittelsen
Dragon, Huldra, Trolls, Elves, (first picture), by John Bauer
Fossegrimen by
Kraken by Bob Eggleton

Hello, call me Des.

I am an ESL teacher currently living in Korea. I am interested in working in an international school in Norway a few years down the line. I know that learning Norwegian is a very important skill if I want to work there. 

I would love to have a pen pal to help teach me!

In exchange, as a professional esl teacher, I can help you sharpen your English. Or, I can even teach you some basic Korean (and recommend some good k dramas).

Let’s exchange cultural notes and talk about music, literature, and travel. I love The Kings Convenience and detective novels. 

Maybe when I come scout out job opportunities, we can even meet up. 

Find me at:

Reindeer race in Tromsø, a part of Sami Week in february 

Photos: Yngve Olsen Sæbbe